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Sunday 27th June

11:45 AM (CEST) OpeningBonaventura Clotet, Francisco Guarner and Àngel Font    


Neonatal MicrobiomeChair: Francisco Guarner and Dirk Hadrich

12.00 PM (CEST) Environmental and Maternal Factors in Shaping the Neonatal MicrobiomeMaria Carmen Collado    
12.30 PM (CEST) Human Milk and Infant Microbiome in Health and DiseaseChristopher J Stewart
1.00 PM (CEST) Impact of Early-Life Microbiome PerturbationsMaria Gloria Domínguez-Bello


Non-Gut MicrobiotasChair: Roger Paredes

Multiomics AnalysisChair: Mari Luz Calle

1:30 PM (CEST) Oral Microbiome in Health and DiseaseStanislav Dusko Ehrlich Structural Variation in the Microbiome and Host HealthEran Segal  
2:00 PM (CEST) Human Skin Microbiota: Friend and FoeJulie A Segre Spatial MetabolomicsTheodore Alexandrov
2:30 PM (CEST) The Role of Vagina Microbiota on Women’s Sexual HealthJacques Ravel System EcologyPaul Wilmes
3:00 PM (CEST) 15 minutes break

  Microbiota-Gut-Brain AxisChair: Francisco Guarner

Data AnalysisChair: Marc Noguera

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – ClinicalChair: Maria Carmen Collado

3:15 PM (CEST) The Human Gut Microbiota in Quality of Life and DepressionMireia Vallés Colomer Mining and Profiling the Hidden Diversity of the Human MicrobiomeNicola Segata The Impact of Probiotics in Shaping the Healthy Preterm Gut MicrobiomeLauren Beck, Newcastle University, Tyne and Wear, UK
Human Milk Oligosaccharide DSLNT and Gut Microbiome in Preterm Infants Predicts Necrotising EnterocolitisAndrea C Masi, Newcastle University, UK
3:45 PM (CEST) Investigation of the Gut Microbiome in Patients with Mental Health DisordersPremsyl Bercik Compositional Frameworks for Microbiome ResearchJames T Morton The Gut Microbiota and Urinary Microbial Metabolites Predict Child Growth Recovery Following Severe Acute MalnutritionRuairi Robertson, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Metagenomic Analysis Reveals Associations Between Salivary Microbiota and Body Composition in Early ChildhoodModupe Coker, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, New Jersey, USA
4:15 PM (CEST) PsychobioticsJohn Cryan Uncovered Needs in Microbiome Data AnalysisCurtis Huttenhower The Infant Gut Microbiome and Vaccine Response: Results from the New Hampshire Birth Cohort Study Presenting: Yuka Moroishi, Dartmouth College, New York, USA Live Q&A: Margaret R. Karagas, Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth College, New York, USA
Impact of Maternal Intrapartum Antibiotics, Birth Mode and Breastfeeding Status on Levels of Bifidobacterium in Infant Gut MicrobiotaYuan Yao Chen, University of Alberta, Canada


Population-Based StudiesChair: Elena F Verdu

Selected Late-Breaking News AbstractChair: Francisco Guarner

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – Basic ScienceChair: Kjersti M. Aagaard

4:45 PM (CEST) Understanding the Links Between Nutrition, Health and the Microbiome Using Big DataTim Spector The PFNA Operon of Bifidobacteria and its Role in Adaptation to the Host Roman Yunes, The Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, Russia Antibiotic Resistance Genes in the Gut Microbiota of Healthy Volunteers From a Rural Riverine Brazilian PopulationChristian Hoffmann, University of São Paulo, Brasil
Holdemanella sp. improves GLP-1 Signalling To Regulate Glucose Homeostasis In Obese MiceClara Bullich, Institute of Agrochemistry and Food technology (IATA-CSIC), Valencia, Spain Effects of Lactobacillus Reuteri Supplementation on the Gut Microbiota in Extremely Preterm Infants in a Randomised Placebo-Controlled TrialMagalí Martí, Linköping University, Östergötland, Sweden
5:15 PM (CEST) Lessons from the Earth Microbiome Project, American Gut and MicrosettaRob Knight Evidence Of A Close Relationship Between COVID-19 And Human Gut Microbiome BacteriaMauro Petrillo, European Commission Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy Mimicking Microbiome Driven Intestinal Drug Metabolism and ToxicityFrank Schuren, TNO innovation for life, The Netherlands
Are FMTs The Magic Bullet To Unlock CIT Response?Allyson Byrd, Genentech Inc., California, USA The Gut Microbiome is Associated With the Plasma Metabolome in a Study of 8,406 Participants of the Swedish Cardiopulmonary Bioimage Study (SCAPIS)Koen F Dekkers, Uppsala University, Uppland, Sweden
5:45 PM (CEST) Unlocking the Secret Genes and Genomes From the Human MicrobiomeAmi Bhatt

Bugs and Drugs: Using the Microbiome and Metabolome to Predict Addiction LiabilitySierra Simpson, UCSD, California, USA

Microbes From Non-Human Primates Exposed to Maternal High Fat Diet Alter Serotonin In VitroErin Bolte, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA
Novel Yada Family Protein Produced By Veillonella Parvula Induces Upregulation Of Interferon Gamma Production By The Human Immune SystemJin Komerska, The Jackson Laboratory, Connecticut, USA Study of Airway Microbiota and Respiratory Health in the Northern Indigenous CommunitiesMathilde Flahaut, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada

Monday 28th June


DrugsChair: Paul O’Toole

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – Basic ScienceChair: Maria Carmen Collado

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – MethodsChair: Mari Luz Calle

12.00 PM (CEST) Exploring Drug-Microbiota Interaccions in the Era of MetagenomicsArnau Vich Vila Identification of Unique Bile Acid-Metabolizing Bacteria from the Microbiome of CentenariansYuko Sato, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan Pathofact: Predicting Virulence Factors and Antimicrobial Resistance in Human Case-Control StudiesLaura de Nies, University of Luxembourg
High Amylose Wheat-Based Food Products Affect Fermentation Outcomes and Microbial Community During In Vitro Fermentation with Human Faecal InoculumAlexander Bui, The University of Queensland – QAAFI, Australia Absence of Enterotypes in the Human Gut Microbiomes Reanalyzed with Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction MethodsIvan Bulygin, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
12.30 PM (CEST) The Impact of Drugs on Human Gut Microbial CommunitiesPeer Bork Multi-Omics Phenotyping of the Gut Microbiota Reveals Perturbations Associated with Glyphosate Herbicide Exposure in Rats and HumansRobin Mesnage, King’s College London, UK Developing Global Standards for the Microbiome FieldChrysi Sergaki, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Hertfordshire, UK
The Infant Gut Microbiota and Food Allergen SensitizationPernille Neve Myers, Technical University of Denmark Towards Long-Read Metagenomics-Based End-To-End ClassificationMaxence Queyrel, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
1.00 PM (CEST) The Ecological Effects of Antibiotic OveruseMartin Blaser The Gut Microbiota and Mental Health Outcomes in a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder CohortStefanie Malan-Muller, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa An Integrated Workflow for Personalised Modelling of Host-Microbiome InteractionsAlmut Heinken, School of Medicine, National University of Galway, Ireland
The Vaginal Microbiome and Metabolome in Spontaneous Preterm BirthFederico Baldini, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, USA Links Between Gut Microbiome Composition and Fatty Liver Disease in a Large Population SampleMatti Ruuskanen, University of Turku, Finland


LifestyleChair: Joël Doré

The impact of the Gut Microbiome on Human Health: Elucidating Mechanisms of ActionChair: Richard Hughes

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – ClinicalChair: Roger Paredes

1:30 PM (CEST) Diet and Microbiome Health in the ElderlyPaul O’Toole

Satellite Symposium

by Nature

The Role of Gut Commensal Protists In Immune-Mediated Food SensitivitiesReinhard Hinterleitner

Deciphering Human Antibody Repertories Against The Microbiome In Health And DiseaseEran Segal

IBD Dysbiosis, Gut Bioactives, And The Suppression Of IL-23 Driven InflammationJakob Begun

The 2021 GGGH Call: Why The Paediatric Microbiome?Paul O’Toole

Identification of Gut Microbial Species Associated with Multiple Sclerosis ProgressionDaiki Takewaki, National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Tokyo, Japan
Cigarette Smoking Facilitates Colonization of Oral Bacteria in the Colonic Mucosa and Modulates Immune Responses in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseEiji Miyauchi, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Kanagawa, Japan
2:00 PM (CEST) Gut Microbiota Variation Associated with LifestyleAlexandra Zhernakova Specific Gut Microbiota Species are Associated with Subclinical Coronary Atherosclerosis Across 8,271 Individuals from the Swedish CardioPulmonary BioImage Study (SCAPIS) Population-based CohortSergi Sayols-Baixeras, Uppsala University, Uppland, Sweden
Metagenome-based Signature Associated with NAFLD Stage of ProgressionRafael Patiño-Navarrete, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France
2:30 PM (CEST) Microbial Guild Promotion by Dietary InterventionLiping Zhao Connecting Archaea to Parkinson’s Disease PathogenesisVelma Aho, University of Luxembourg
Cholesterol Metabolism by Uncultured Human Gut Bacteria Influences Host Cholesterol LevelDamian Plichta, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Massachusetts, USA
3:00 PM (CEST) 15 minutes break


The Canadian Microbiome Initiative: A Focus on Function and TranslationChair: Charu Kaushic

From Bugs to DrugsChair: Jennifer Mahony

IHMC Million Microbiomes from Human ProjectChair: Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich

3:15 PM (CEST) IMPACTT: A pan-Canadian Microbiome Research CoreKathy McCoy Sponsored Lecture
Probiotics in COVID-19 Patients: Additional Analyses from a Randomised Controlled Trial in 300 Patients
Jordi Espadaler
MMHP – Creating an Atlas of the Human MicrobiomeLars Engstrand
Gene – Microbe Interactions Regulate Beta Cell Autoimmunity and Type 1 DiabetesJayne Danska
Dissecting Host-Microbiome Modifiers Of Type 2 Diabetes Risk André Marette MMHP Data Coordination CentreJohan Rung and Peter Longreen
The Microbiome of Premature InfantsMarie-Claire Arrieta
3:45 PM (CEST) Causational Roles of the Gut Microbiome in Childhood Asthma: Leveraging the CHILD Cohort StudyMeghan Azad Stimulation of Human Butyrate Producing BacteriaKaren Scott The Danish POPGUT Project – Prospective Investigation of Diet x Gut Microbiota Interactions in Health and DiseaseKarsten Kristiansen
Role of Microbes in the Pathogenesis of PIBD: From Discovery, Through Causation, to Novel TreatmentsEytan Wine The French Gut: 100K French Microbiomes in Health and DiseaseMathieu Almeida
Microbiome Research in Latvia within the MMHPMarcis Leja
The Vaginal Microbiome in Cervical Cancer and Mucosal ImmunityAdam Burgener Microbiota Maturation Throughout Infancy and ChildhoodJohn Penders
Diet Intervention and Gut MicrobiomeRuixin Liu
Pathogen-Microbiome Dynamics During Pregnancy in Young MothersJohn Parkinson Metagenome Insights From the Finnish Health and Early Life Microbiota (HELMi) Birth CohortAnne Salonen
4:15 PM (CEST) Panel discussion Probiotic Therapy for Oral HealthAlex Mira Panel discussion
4:45 PM (CEST)   Sponsored Lecture
Purified Microbiota and LPBs Towards the Therapeutic ApplicationsClaudio Hidalgo

  Coeliac DiseaseChair: Javier Santos

Methods For Data AnalysisChair: George Weinstock

Microbiome Dynamics in Metabolism, Viremia Control and MaternityChair: Javier Martínez-Picado

4:45 PM (CEST) Prospective Studies to Mechanistically Link Gut Microbiome Composition and Function to Disease PathogenesisAlessio Fasano  

Satellite Symposium

by CaixaResearch – ”la Caixa” Foundation

How the Microbiome, Metabolism, and Neuronal Circuits Shape Nutrient AppetitesCarlos Ribeiro

SUCCINATE: A Microbiota-Derived Metabolite With Promising Therapeutic Potential For Metabolic DiseasesSonia Fernandez Veledo

Gut Microbiome Signatures Linked to HIV-1 Reservoir Size and Viremia ControlAlessandra Borgognone

The Importance Of The Microbiome During PregnancyFrancesca Crovetto

5:15 PM (CEST) Microbial Involvement in the Breakdown of Oral Tolerance to GlutenElena F Verdu Sponsored Lecture
Cohort Service, UHR Profiling and Microbiome ResearchHenrik Bjørn Nielsen
5:45 PM (CEST) How do we Apply Novel Knowledge to Better Treat Coeliac DiseasePeter Green Quantitative Microbiome Profiling in Health and DiseaseJeroen Raes
6:15 PM (CEST)  

Sponsored Lecture
Revealing the Hidden Biodiversity of the Human Gut MicrobiotaMani Arumugam



Danone Microbiome Symposium by Danone Nutricia Research Chair:Chaysaavanh Manichanh

6:15 PM (CEST)

Characteristics Of Gut Microbiome Of Mountain People In Northern Laos

Associations Of The Gut Metagenome With Extensive Register-Based Clinical Parameters And Lifestyle Factors In The Population-Based Estonian Microbiome Cohort

Taxonomic Signatures of Long-Term Mortality Risk in Human Gut Microbiome

Assembly, Structure, And Dynamics Of The Infant Gut Microbiota

6:45 PM (CEST)
7:15 PM (CEST)

Tuesday 29th June


IBDChair: Francisco Guarner

Liver DiseaseChair: Jonel Trebicka

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – MethodsChair: Chaysavanh Manichanh

12.00 PM (CEST) Dysbiosis in IBDMark Morrison



Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Gut Microbiome in Chronic Liver DiseaseLanjuan Li


Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Large-Scale Metabolic Reconstruction of the Human Microbiome Accounting for Strain-Specific Drug MetabolismAlmut Heinken, National University of Ireland
Extended Taxonomic Profiling of Diverse Environments with mOTUs 2.6Hans-Joachim Ruscheweyh, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
12.30 PM (CEST) Gut Microbiome Recovery in UC Patients on Long Term RemissionClaudia Herrera



Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Gut Microbiome and End-Stage Liver DiseaseJonel Trebicka



Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Biobakery 3: Improved and Integrated Tools for META’OMIC Analysis Exploiting Uncharacterized Microbial GenomesFrancesco Asnicar, University of Trento, Italy
A Protocol for the In Vitro Study of Food/Biocompound Modulatory Effects on Human Microbiome and Metabolome Through Dynamic Gastrointestinal/Colonic FermentationCarles Roses, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
1.00 PM (CEST) Gut Microbiome in IBD: from Description to InterventionHarry Sokol



Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
The Gut Microbiota in Solid Organ Transplant PatientsRinse K Weersma



Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Microbiome Meta-Analysis and Cross-Disease Comparison Enabled by the SIAMCAT Machine Learning ToolboxJakob Wirbel, The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany
A Predictive Index for Health Status Using Species-Level Gut Microbiome ProfilingJaeyun Sung, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota, USA


ImmunomodulationChair: Alessio Fasano

From Bugs to DrugsChair: Joël Doré

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – Basic ScienceChair: Eileen O’Herlihy

1.30 PM (CEST)
Which T Cell Immune Respones Against SARS-CoV2 Are Clinically Relevant?Laurence Zitvogel

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Sponsored Lecture
From Probiotics to Precision ProbioticsPatrick Veiga
The Intestinal Mycobiome in Premature Born InfantsMichaela Herz, University of Wuerzburg, Bavaria, Germany
Exploring Host-Microbiota Co-Metabolism – Unique Chemical Biology Tools for Advanced Metabolomics AnalysisDaniel Globisch, Uppsala University, Uppland, Sweden
2.00 PM (CEST) Microbiome-based Stratification for HIV risk of Acquisition and Disease ProgressionRoger Paredes

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Sponsored LectureDefined Bacterial Consortia for Medical UsesBernat Ollé Dissecting the Collateral Damage of Antibiotics on Gut MicrobesCamille Goemans, The European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany
Potential pathogenic role for respiratory symbionts in the development of self-reactive Th17 cellsJenny Mannion, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2.30 PM (CEST) Sponsored LectureGut Microbes Modulate Host Response to VaccinesDaria Hazuda

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Sponsored Lecture
How to Identify the Best Research Projects and Turn Them Into Biotech Companies?Stanislas Desjonquères
Reconstruction of Ancient Microbial Genomes from the Human GutMarsha Wibowo, Joslin Diabetes Center – Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts, USA
Deletion Of Npas2 Expression During Fetal and Neonatal Liver Development Differentially Disrupts the Circadian Rhythm of the Gut Microbiome and its Metabolic FunctionDerek O’Neil, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA
3.00 PM (CEST) 15 minutes break


Diagnostic ToolsChair: Nicola Segata

Selected Abstracts for Oral Presentation – ClinicalChair: Yolanda Sanz

Gut and Skin Health: Optimized Collection and Analysis ApproachesChair: Heloise Breton

3:15 PM (CEST) Exploring the Resistome and ViromeIvan Liachko

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Shared Signatures and Divergence in Skin Microbiomes of Children with Atopic Dermatitis and Their Adult CaregiversMinghao Chia, Genome Institute of Singapore

Satellite Symposium

by DNA-Genotek
Expanding Gut Microbiome Insights: Transcriptomics and MetabolomicsBrice LeFrancois, Olle De Bruin and Senthil Murugapiran

Microbiota in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation and Prediction of Acute Graft-Versus-Host-DiseaseAnna Cäcilia Ingham, Statens Serum Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
3:45 PM (CEST) Fusobacterium Nucleatum and Colorectal CancerPaolo Nuciforo

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines.
Functional Characterisation of Fusobacterium in Colorectal Cancer Patients and its Associations with Alterations of Host DNA Damage PathwaysRadhika Kataria, King’s College London, UK

Optimized Skin Collection, Extraction and Sequencing PipelineBrice LeFrancois 

Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid Metatranscriptomes Analysis Amongst Patients with COVID-19Michael Jochum, Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, USA
4:15 PM (CEST) Sponsored Lecture
Measuring Antibiotic-Induced Dysbiosis and Restoration using a Novel Microbiome Health IndexKen Blount

Part of The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2021. From Microbes to Medicines
The Human Oral Microbiome and Risk Of Lung Cancer: an Analysis of Three Prospective Cohort StudiesEmily Vogtmann, National Cancer Institute, Maryland, USA

DivDB-Mouse: The Development Of A Mouse-Specific Metagenomic DatabaseEric Smith

Biological Signature of an Immunomodulatory Probiotic Intervention for US Veterans with Mild TBI and PTSDLisa Brenner, Department of Veterans Affairs, Colorado, USA


Future PerspectivesChair: James Versalovic

4:45 PM (CEST) Opportunities and Perspectives on Human Microbiome ResearchGary D Wu    
5:15 PM (CEST)

Funding Policies to Shape our Future with Scientific BreakthroughRoberto Flores, Dirk Hadrich, Geneviève Boily-Larouche and Katsuhiko Mizuguchi

5:45 PM (CEST)
6:15 PM (CEST) Conference Close