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Abstract Submission

If I submit an abstract do I have to attend the Congress?

All accepted abstracts will be scheduled in the Scientific Program either as oral presentation or as poster viewing. It is expected that at least one author of the abstract attends the virtual conference (to present the work and answer questions). Only abstracts of registered participants will be scheduled in the Scientific Program.

I have submitted an abstract, when will I know if it has been accepted?

Notifications both for acceptance and for declinations will be sent to the presenters by the end of May.

How can I make changes to an abstract I have already submitted?

If you wish to make significant changes to your abstract, please, reload it again and send an email to to delete the previous abstract with the subject “DELETE ABSTRACT” and the abstract ID specified on your confirmation email.

If my abstract is accepted, where will it be published?

After the congress, a Book of Abstracts will be posted on the official website. Moreover, your abstract will be featured either on an oral presentation or on a poster displaying.

I would like to delete my abstract. Can you please delete it for me?

Send an email to with the subject “DELETE ABSTRACT” and the abstract ID specified on your confirmation email.

What content is required for an abstract? Is there a word or character limit?

Please review the Abstract Guidelines.

May I include a funding statement in my abstract?

No, you may not. Abstracts with funding statements will not be accepted.

May I include tables or figures with my abstract?

Yes, you may. For each abstract, 1 table AND / OR 1 figure may be submitted. Acceptable image file types for tables or figures are .jpg, and .png. Your image must be legible at the maximum printed size of 4 inches x 6 inches with an either vertical or horizontal orientation.

Are table characters added to the count for the abstract body? Is a table or figure assigned a character count?

The suggested maximum size for tables is 8 columns by 12 rows. Table words are not included in the cumulative word count. Only 1 table AND / OR 1 image/figure may be included with an abstract. A table may be uploaded as an image; in fact, we recommend this method for adding a table.

May I insert both a table and a figure?

Yes, you may. You can insert one image AND / OR one table. None of them are mandatory; they are complimentary to the text of the abstract.

May I provide handouts to accompany my poster?

Yes, you may. Authors may prepare handouts for distribution to interested attendees.

Where will be the poster viewing available?

Posters will be available at the e-posters area at the virtual platform. All participants will have access to view this content.

My poster has been selected for an oral presentation, but I have an unavoidable conflict and I will be unable to present my poster. What should I do?

Please ensure that the alternate presenter named in your abstract submission is available and prepared to make the presentation. Alternate presenters must be listed as coauthor on the abstract and must be registered at IHMC 2021. If neither the author nor alternate coauthor is available to present, the poster won’t be presented.


The official language of IHMC Congress is English. All sessions and abstract submissions must be submitted and presented in English.


Will COVID-19 impact the Congress?

The Congress has changed to a virtual format. By doing this we can ensure compliance of the healthy and safety measure, and we can guarantee the participation from our delegates.


If I am with a commercial company but am planning to attend for my own information and not as a representative of my company, may I buy the academic registration?

Absolutely not. You must still disclose your affiliation with the commercial company.

Please note:  Any misleading or falsified information about commercial involvement will be grounds for automatic denial of your application. Any person found to have intentionally submitted false information will receive the following penalties:

  • Loss of IHMC attendance privileges for that year and a minimum of 2 IHMC editions thereafter
  • A possible fine, up to the amount of the registration fee
  • A possible fine to the person’s primary employer or organization, as determined by the IHMC
  • Forfeiture of any registration fees paid
  • Any other penalties determined by the IHMC and the Congress Organizer

If I am a commercial company that wants to sponsor an academic registration for one of my delegates with no direct relation to my company, should I buy the Academic fee or the Industry?

If there is no direct contact between the company and the academic, you might buy the Academic fee.

How can I sign up to recieve the latest updates regarding the Congress?

Join our mailing list to receive all the latest congress news. You can opt out at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of all our newsletters.

Cancellation Policy

Attendees may cancel its registration in accordance with the General Contract Conditions:

All cancellations must either be submitted online. Send an email to with the following subject “Ticket Cancellation” and must be received:

– Before the 31st of March to receive a refund of 80% of the Event fees (the remaining 20% of those fees being retained as a processing fee).

Organiser regrets that cancellations cannot be accepted after the 31st March. No refunds or other credits will be given in respect of attempted cancellations received after this date.